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Avoid Major Mistakes while Designing E-Commerce Websites in 2019

You need to consider hundreds of factors while designing an e-commerce website if you don’t want it to fail.

E-commerce businesses now share a great proportion of businesses around the world. Many of them emerge and fail; some of them improve and then succeed. That’s a normal process for more than half of the businesses around the world.

The competition is extremely intense and one of the major factors contributing to the success or failure of any e-commerce business is its website design.

Thus, if you want to minimize the chances of your failure, you need to avoid major mistakes while designing e-commerce websites in 2019.

The Code Coffee has extracted and compiled the few most important mistakes in the e-commerce web design here. Avoid them to maximize your conversion rate and to enhance your user experience.

Make the product descriptions clear

One of the most common mistakes in e-commerce websites is that the product descriptions are not a clear depiction of what the actual product is.

Most of the products have the details provided by the manufacturer written as their description. This makes it difficult for the Google bots to understand and it also seems unattractive to the buyers.

Sometimes, the descriptions are even the duplicates of other products, which is the reason why the product pages never rank in Google’s SERPs.

So, improve your description content and make it SEO-focused so that your e-commerce business website appears worthy to Google and appealing to the buyers.

Design a highly responsive e-commerce website

Another major mistake that businesses make is that their e-commerce website lacks a responsive design.

Though in 2019, businesses are working to improve the responsiveness of their websites, you can still find many websites that provide with a struggling experience to the users.

If you want your users to stay on your website, you need to design a highly responsive e-commerce website. It must also be mobile-friendly as a considerable number of buyer make online purchases through their smartphones.

Select a theme that is widely tested. The layout must provide with a good user experience to make your website valuable to the users.

You don’t have to go far for that. Just visit The Code Coffee and own an extremely responsive e-commerce design for your website!

High-quality and detailed product images

This also stands among the most common mistakes that e-commerce businesses make while designing a website.

You must have heard, ‘’a picture speaks better than word’’. This is absolutely true!

No matter how beautiful your product description is, even if the description is sugar-coated, it could not outperform the impact of an image.

Pick any of the best e-commerce websites and see how they have displayed their product images.

Always upload the pictures with the highest pixels showing every angle and aspect of the product so the buyer could completely examine the product.

Complex shopping cart and checkout procedure

The journey from the shopping cart to the checkout must be smooth and must have minimum steps so that the buyers’ energy remains high.

  • Eliminate the maximum pages and procedures before the checkout.
  • The buttons in the layout must be visible and self-explanatory.
  • There must not be any hidden charges that pop us just as the buyer is about to click the checkout button.

To make it more convenient for the users, you may get e-commerce website ideas from The Code Coffee

Technical SEO mistakes

Technical SEO needs the highest degree of attention if you’re planning to develop an e-commerce website.

The technical SEO errors are the major hurdles that pull back your Google ranking. Focus and eliminate the following issues to achieve higher ranking the Google SERPs.

  • Remove the duplicate versions of any of your web pages. The process called canonicalization is used to resolve this issue
  • Same/duplicate titles for different pages must be corrected so that Google sees each page as a unique one
  • Find the links to pages that don’t exist and remove all those idle links from your website
  • The links to the redirected pages must be replaced with the links to the final page. The redirects disturb the Google PageRank which is a determining factor for how well does your website rank. Therefore, find and replace all the links to the redirected pages on your e-commerce website.
  • Every page must have a link in the navigation of your website. If there’s a page on your website but there’s no link to it, the users will never be able to find it out. Therefore, make sure that every page on your site can be reached by a link.

You need to walk an extra mile if you want your e-commerce design to outcompete in the market. Avoid the mistakes discussed above to have a flawless business website.

If you don’t have a professional web designer by your side, just visit The Code Coffee for expert e-commerce solutions for your business.

After all, the design is all that matters!

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