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How to Select the Correct CMS for Your Business Website?

Content Management System (CMS) is the lifeblood for any website. It’s the most integral part on which your website structure stands.

A business website CMS lets you create, manage, edit, add or remove any content or web pages from your website. With a convenient CMS, you’ll not need to rely on the developer to make any changes in the website.

In short, a web content management system gives control of the website to the owner. Therefore, you need to choose your website CMS wisely considering all the major factors that a good website platform must have.

Here are a few of the best CMS platforms that are most commonly used worldwide. Most of them are also used by the expert developers at The Code Coffee.

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Shopify
  • Drupal

Out of these many choices, how would you select the correct CMS for your business website?

Well, it majorly depends on your business model, your requirement for the website structure, and your budget. But the experts at The Code Coffee have outlined a few factors that you must consider before you choose a web content management system.

It must be user-friendly

A CMS platform is worthless if it’s not easy to use.

You must ensure that the CMS platform you’re about to integrate is user-friendly, and it does not require to have the expert technical knowledge to control the website content.

The top CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento, and Weebly claim to be the most convenient-to-use platforms, and that’s what they are truly meant for.

Therefore, your website CMS must be easy to use for both, the highly technical staff and the least technical staff.

It must be SEO friendly

Here’s the factor that must never be neglected while selecting the correct CMS for your business website.

The experts at The Code Coffee also integrate only the most SEO-friendly content management systems like WordPress and Magento.

There are a few elements that your CMS must have to be considered as an SEO friendly platform

  • It should allow you to write titles, descriptions, and meta descriptions separately.
  • The URL of your web pages must be presentable and organized like and not like
  • The CMS should allow you to integrate various SEO plug-ins and extensions to maximize the functionality. For example, Yoast is a plug-in that is allowed by WordPress. It lets you improve your SEO strategies and enhances the page optimization.

Being SEO friendly is a mandatory factor to consider particularly if you are integrating an e-commerce CMS platform. Therefore, you must look select an SEO-friendly business website CMS.

It must be budget friendly

We, at The Code Coffee, understand that budget is one of the major concerns for most of the business. That is why we suggest you to consider all the costs of integrating a CMS before selecting it for your website.

Prices for the most popular CMS are already listed on their websites with complete packages. But some of the platforms have additional charges like the fee for upgrading the version, fee for adding plug-ins and extensions, licensing fee, and etc.

You must count on all the costs before finalizing your CMS platform.

It must be secured

Website security is another major concern for businesses because the website represents the image of your business and is openly accessible by your prospects.

If your website gets hacked, your image can be ruined within a few moments.

Therefore, you must learn about the security measures that the CMS takes to prevent any cyber attack.

Plus, in case if the CMS gets hacked, then what are the steps to rectify the attack, to compensate for the loss and to prevent any further attack.

Selecting a CMS platform for your business requires quite extensive research. It’s better to hire an expert developer then to incur a loss and cry over it.

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