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5 Ways to Boost Online Stores in 2019

The e-commerce industry is so intensely competitive in 2019 that if you didn’t plan some extraordinary strategies, your dreams for hiking online sales would go up in flames!

If your previous strategies worked for a while but then stopped yielding results, you must not wait for them to work again.

In order to stay in the competition, you need to look up to the latest e-commerce trends and integrate some out-of-the-box techniques into your online retail store.

If you’re just at the break-even, then here are 5 absolutely actionable ways to boost online stores in 2019

Implement Ad Extensions strategy

In order to capture a higher number of Ad clicks, you need to make your ad prominent and bigger enough to be conveniently clickable.

And that’s what the Ad extensions do!

This feature enables you to make your ad bigger and visible and provides more places to the users to click on your ad.

The Ad extensions strategy significantly improves your click-through rate as it makes easier for your potential customers to find your ad instead of the ads of your competitor.

If you’re confused about how to do it, just connect with the digital marketing experts at The Code Coffee and see how your conversion rate doubles.

Highlight some Trust Signals

If you want your e-commerce website to perform better, you need to show your customers that you are trustworthy.

There are numerous trust signals that you can add to your website to gain the confidence of your users.

  • Reviews/feedback/testimonials – Reviews were never as important as they are today! Today’s customers are hesitant to buy online because they don’t trust every Tom, Dick, and Harry. In this environment, the reviews and feedback develop a sense of trust among the users for your e-commerce online store
  • Secured website address – Integrate the HTTPS protocol into your website instead of HTTP. This shows that your domain is secured and the transfer of data is encrypted.
  • The security badges – If your e-commerce website is using any security services, display their badges proudly on your website. Some of the examples of the security badges are Norton Secured, PayPal Verified,, and etc. These badges bring a sigh of relief to the customers and trigger them for online purchase through your website.

Offer limited-time deals

Most of the online retailers are still stuck on offering discounts on products and free giveaways. Though these techniques still work big time, especially, the giveaways help your customers in remembering and recalling your brand’s name.

But there has been emerged something more effective than these tactics.

You must offer the deals and discounts that last for a limited time.

For example, ‘Hurry up! The offer ends in 5 days!’, or ‘6 hours left to avail your discount voucher, buy now!

These time-specific offers create a sense of urgency among customers and persuade them better than many other tactics do.

Visible call-to-action buttons

The more convenient your website, the better your conversion rate would be!

That’s the simple rule.

Make the Buy Now, Call Now, Add to Cart, and other action buttons visible and attractive so the customers take less time in finalizing their online purchase.

The more time a customer spends between viewing the products and adding them to cart, the lesser the chances of a confirmed purchase.

Similarly, more steps between the Add to Cart and the Check Out button will lead to a slower response and will decrease the online sales as a result.

Have a look at the websites built by the developers of The Code Coffee. You’ll get the idea what a professional e-commerce website looks like.


Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to boost online stores in 2019.

What it does is that it reminds the customers what they have recently bought or recently added to the cart without checking out.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running Fabeook ad campaigns or PPC campaigns; remarketing simply improves the result of your marketing campaign.

Suppose your customer has added a product in the cart but has not purchased it and left the website.

The next time he visits Facebook, he would see the banners of your products that he had recently added but nor purchased.

In this way, your prospects will always remember your brand.

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